The Language Of Google Penguin Update

As you may know Google Penguin is a term for one of the latest Google Update which has caused thousands of SEO’s to quit their job. Penguin aims to decrease the ranking of websites which, technically, haven’t cope with the guidelines of Google.

Black hat is a total no-no for Google but I have wondered why a lot of SEO guys succeed in getting good money using the Black Hat SEO.

language of penguin

Check out Penguin’s effect and its difference on the other updates. In case you didn’t know, Penguin is not alone. If what you’re doing in the web is spamming and spamming a lot of content for the sake of backlinks, there’s a Panda waiting to devour you any time.

Google Panda and Penguin

I hate spam! Yes I do, but there are very good ways to use it as a weapon in search engine ranking. Google is not a trash bin, so it literally hates sites who throws garbage at them. However, if you are battling with big businesses in your niche lovely pure white hat practice won’t get you anywhere. My advice? Study more about SEO before you spout annoying things in the web and the world will become a better place.