The 3 Sides Of SEO: White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat

In this website, we will be discussing topics regarding the cores of SEO and the best practices and strategies of the post Panda and Penguin era.seo consultant

There are a lot of people who practice search engine optimization. Others use it as an arsenal for their personal websites while most of the search engine optimizers study and practice SEO for getting a decent salary from online businesses. SEO is much more of a sector in the internet world. It’s some kind of a business inside the internet marketing region. Digital marketing strategists and practitioners all over the world like do some quirky stuff on how to improve Google ranking, SEO services on how to increase website traffic using different methods and strategies with their SEO quotes. All search engine experts are usually driven by motives and ideologies.

Ideologically speaking, SEO is divided into three (3) parts:

  • White hat 
  • Gray Hat 
  • Black Hat 

These practices will be tackled down into a more intricate level within this site.

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