Web Development: Investing on the Best Developer Will Lead You to Success

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If your online business is facing different problems because of website failure or the lack of essential applications, then the best thing you can do is to subject your website for web or website development. Many benefits can be enjoyed with the use of a professional help when it comes to web development. However, if you want your website to come out unique as compared to others, you can opt for a custom web development.

best web developer

There are different tools and applications that can be used in order for the website to become unique and attractive, but in website development, allowing the customers to use the website should always be given equal importance as well. It is essential that the website should have different ways to meet the needs and expectations of the customers. This is why you will need the help of professional web development experts to achieve this kind of website for your business.

The tasks may seem alien to you, especially if you are not knowledgeable with the utilization of web development methods and computer languages. To ensure the success of your goal in creating and designing the website that you want for your brand, seeking the help of a reliable web development company can be very worthwhile.

There are certain benefits associated with the use of web development services from the best web development provider. A reliable developer can help your business achieve its goals faster. By giving your website the appropriate design and functionality, the online presence of your website will definitely increase.

Part of the website development process is to establish branding and making the website attractive to prospective clients. By catching their attention, they are encouraged to click the link and view your website. Once the visitors find out, that your website has the features and functionality that would seem helpful to them including a support that is always within their reach, they will definitely stay, read on, and learn how they can purchase your products or avail your services.

The customers and visitors will always prefer a website that they can fully understand. By incorporating user-friendly tools and applications in the website during the web development process, the website will definitely come out competitive that will eventually yield a higher income. This is what a web development agency has in mind when offering their services.

You can easily tell whether one is professional in the field of website development if their intention is to give your business the growth and productivity that you are aiming for. Every web development firm can do the usual website development process to build a unique website, but only the best one will be interested in giving you the success that your business needs.

Web Development Success

Your website is the life of your business and you should invest in building a unique and functional one. If you are not sure about how you can start your own website, you should seek the help of the best developer you could find. Look online for the best company and hire the one that you think will be able to bring your business to success.

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What Is Google’s Hummingbird And How Would It Affect SEO?

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What Is Hummingbird?

Hummingbird is the chosen name for the most recent search algorithm update of Google. The search algo update was named after the hummingbird since it signifies ‘swiftness and accuracy’.

Google's Hummingbird And How Would It Affect SEO

How It Affects SEO

Apparently, if you didn’t done something horrible before the update then there would be nothing to worry about. If you have noticed some disturbances in your current ranking keywords do not be one sided and put all the blame to the hummingbird update. There may be minor and major updates aside from Hummingbird which started several months ago that’s now taking its toll. The Hummingbird update, like any other Google update’s purpose, was to give searchers the best results in their questions. Since it’s new for SEO’s, it could be like the ‘sword of Damocles’. While everyone is trying hard to figure out what will the Hummingbird do, the concept of quality content has never been ridden out by specialists. Eventhough SEO’s are submitted to change, several practitioners remain doing what they have been doing while they wait for more physical results.

What To Do After The Update?

Experts say that there are some tricks that might help you come up in search results. Most appropriate process would be:

  • Comprehend the value of knowledge graph

The Knowledge Graph Intro

  • Familiarize and master the semantic search. Hummingbird is a very witty thing. It’s like an intelligent and attractive woman – it’s very sharp! It will not give very shallow results anymore. Moreover, it deeply understands the meaning of the searched  phrase and give back the most appropriate answers.
  • Learn what your market truly wants. Constantly provide best answers to queries in your niche. Not only it will help you minimize percentage of bounce rate but it will also give you good results with the help of Hummingbird algo update.
  • Be the “expert” in your field. Position yourself as a provider of key solutions to the searchers. Know their intent, needs and problems.

To broaden your knowledge about the algo update check out the FAQ about Hummingbird post of Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Land since he have summarized almost everything about the update there. Need more info about SEO? Check out 1stpaging.com.

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The Language Of Google Penguin Update

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As you may know Google Penguin is a term for one of the latest Google Update which has caused thousands of SEO’s to quit their job. Penguin aims to decrease the ranking of websites which, technically, haven’t cope with the guidelines of Google.

Black hat is a total no-no for Google but I have wondered why a lot of SEO guys succeed in getting good money using the Black Hat SEO.

The Language Of Google Penguin Update

Check out Penguin’s effect and its difference on the other updates. In case you didn’t know, Penguin is not alone. If what you’re doing in the web is spamming and spamming a lot of content for the sake of backlinks, there’s a Panda waiting to devour you any time.


I hate spam! Yes I do, but there are very good ways to use it as a weapon in search engine ranking. Google is not a trash bin, so it literally hates sites who throws garbage at them. However, if you are battling with big businesses in your niche lovely pure white hat practice won’t get you anywhere. My advice? Study more about SEO before you spout annoying things in the web and the world will become a better place.

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Gray Hat SEO

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Gray Hat SEO is formed from the combination of both black hat and white hat SEO. It’s basically in the middle but on the other side if it’s not done correctly and cautiously it will lead your site to penalization.

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White Hat SEO

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Why white hat seo matters and what are the best practices in acquiring very good links through the most ethical method.

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Black Hat SEO

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What is Black hat SEO and why other specialists use this kind of stuff? Ever had an idea of how effective it is? What are the necessary measures you need to remember?

black hat seo meme

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The 3 Sides Of SEO: White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat

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SEO and backlinking - linked list corruption

In this website, we will be discussing topics regarding the cores of SEO and the best practices and strategies of the post Panda and Penguin era.

There are a lot of people who practice search engine optimization. Others use it as an arsenal for their personal websites while most of the search engine optimizers study and practice SEO for getting a decent salary from online businesses. SEO is much more of a sector in the internet world. It’s some kind of a business inside the internet marketing region. Practitioners all over the world like from SEO Philippines do some quirky stuff on how to get on the first page of Google and improve your website’s ranking  using different methods and strategies. All search engine experts are usually driven by motives and ideologies.

Ideologically speaking, SEO is divided into three (3) parts:

  • White hat 
  • Gray Hat 
  • Black Hat 

These practices will be tackled down into a more intricate level within this site.

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